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Quirky Quiz: Passers who threw a Pick-6 in their debut

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It was widely reported after Sam Darnold’s first pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown Monday night that Jameis Winston (2015, Buccaneers) and Brett Favre (1991, Falcons) were the only other players since 1991 whose first passes were pick-sixed.Β  But do you know the answers to these questions about other passers pick-6’d in their debuts?


  1. The last passer before Favre to be pick-6’d on his first attempt debuted in 1979. A first-round pick who set numerous NCAA records during his time at Texas, he is widely considered one of the biggest busts in the history of the NFL draft. Name him.
  2. The previous passer pick-6’d on his first attempt was three years into a 12-season career in 1964 when his end-around pass went awry. Six years later, his only other career pass was thrown well out of bounds. Name him.
  3. The only other post-World War II passer confirmed to have been pick-6’d on his first attempt had a one-game playing career in 1962, but later returned to pro football to officiate three Super Bowls. Name him.
  4. Three eventual Super Bowl MVPs have been pick-6’d in their debut games, which took place in 1978, 1998, and 2012. Name them.
  5. A quarterback who was pick-6’d in his debut went on to start and win his next 13 games that season. Name him.
  6. Two Heisman winners besides Winston were pick-6’d in the first games in which they threw passes, in 1963 and 1972 respectively. Name them.

2-point conversion: The single-week record for most first-time passers to be pick-6’d is three. Name the year and the week when this happened, which makes sense if you think about it.

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