NFL ejections for the 2018 season

A running list of players ejected in the 2018 season. Week Game Player Pos Team Reason Time Referee 1. PRE 1 IND-SEA Shamarko Thomas S IND Helmet-to-helmet contact 5:45/4Q Wrolstad 2. 1 CIN-IND Shawn Williams S CIN Helmet-to-helmet contact 2:10/1Q Morelli 3. 2 CAR-ATL Damontae Kazee S ATL Helmet-to-helmet contact 11:22/2Q Vinovich 4. DET-SF LeGarrette Blount RB DET Coming off bench and contacting opponent 10:32/4Q Hochuli 5. 3 OAK-MIA Akeem Spence DT MIA Ripping off opponent's helmet 10:46/2Q Hochuli 6. DEN-BAL Patrick Lindsay RB DEN Throwing punches 2:31/2Q Torbert 7. 4 TB-CHI Akiem Hicks DE CHI Pushing an official 2:23/2Q Boger 8. 5 JAX-KC Chris Jones DT KC Throwing punches† 3:10/3Q Allen 9. Dee Ford LB KC Taunting, second unsportsmanlike conduct 7:46/4Q Allen 10. 9 GB-NE Jermaine Whitehead S GB Flagrant slap to head 3:06/2Q Allen 11. 10 CAR-PIT Eric Reed S CAR Forcible contact to head of sliding QB 1:03/3Q Coleman 12. 12 JAX-BUF Leonard Fournette RB JAX Taunting,

Quirky Quiz: Passers who threw a Pick-6 in their debut

It was widely reported after Sam Darnold’s first pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown Monday night that Jameis Winston (2015, Buccaneers) and Brett Favre (1991, Falcons) were the only other players since 1991 whose first passes were pick-sixed.Β  But do you know the answers to these questions about

Mother’s Day all-time NFL team

It is not a team that is the most talented, but one that only a mother can love. We pay tribute to mom with this appropriately selected team. Just put your phone down during brunch and read this later, please. Head coach: Shorty Barr Offense Defense QB Bubby Brister DE Mike Mamula RB Madre Hill DT Milford Hodge RB Rashaan Shehee DT Ma'ake Kemoeatu WR Edwin Lovelady DE Milford

How the 2018 NFL Draft order is determined

The NFL Draft order is determined by a combination of regular season records, postseason performance, and the strength of schedule in the 2017 season. The Super Bowl winner is 32, the Super Bowl loser is 31. Next, assign the remaining teams in 4 groups based on their playoff performance: losers of the

The all-pro tax day football team

It has been said that few things are inevitable, like death and taxes. It is also inevitable that Quirky Research will use any day on the calendar to draft a thematic all-pro team. No deductions for poor puns, and H.R. might block our passwords, as we audit the rosters and

All-time NFL team of players with female first names

March 8 is International Women's Day. The sports world has made many leaps towards inclusion and equality -- and numerous setbacks in the process. We salute the trailblazers who kicked the doors down and to those who are removing barriers every single day. As a fun little exercise, we have assembled

All-time NFL Valentine’s Day game lineups

Quirky Research has scoured the annals of NFL history to assemble the top players for a Valentine's Day head-to-head. Today's referee is John Hussey. πŸ’•Β Virginia Lovers starting lineup Head coach: Lovie Smith Offense Defense QB Jim Hart LDE Leo Sugar RB Eddie Lacy RDE Rosey Grier RB Warren Loving DT Vincent Valentine WR Louis Lipps DT Romeo Bandison WR Edwin Lovelady LLB Mike Weddington TE Johnny Huggins MLB NaVorro Bowman LT Harper Card RLB Marquis Flowers LG Bubba Paris CB Dick LeBeau C Hunk Anderson CB Valentino Blake RG Duval Love FS Tommy Casanova RT Candy

NFC tiebreakers entering Week 17

The following charts seek to answer the following question: If these two (or more) teams finish with the same record, who wins the tiebreaker? Notes and assumptions: No possibility of future tie games. Tiebreaker winners are as they would be if the teams were tied at the end of the season,