Quirky find: a 1951 palpably unfair act awarded 1 point

A palpably unfair act is loosely defined as an act by a player or team that far exceeds the bounds of sportsmanship, that the referee is empowered to make any equitable ruling necessary. It is a very rarely evoked provision of the rules. Toledo at Dayton, October 13, 1951 Dayton, up 20-0

Palpably unfair acts

[Last updated 12/1/2017: Dayton extra point from 1951.] What happens when something obviously unfair yet not specifically covered by the rules happens during a football game? The palpably unfair act rule gives the referee full discretion to decide what should happen when such events occur, up to and including awarding one team

Another fair catch kick attempt denied

The Cardinals lined up for a potential game-winning fair catch kick yesterday, but an offsides call on the preceding punt ended that chance.News articles about the game were, as usual, not aware of the history of the play. The East Valley Tribune (Arizona) even cited Wikipedia's claim that "a