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Quirky ResearchQuirky Research teams up with Football Zebras

Quirky Research teams up with Football Zebras

It’s with great excitement that we announce a new collaborative association between Quirky Research and Football Zebras.

“I’ve been writing Quirky Research since 2006,” says founder and editor Jeremy Snyder. “I originally started the site as an outlet for historical sports lists that I couldn’t find anywhere else, such as every fair catch kick or every left-hander who ever played third base, and later branched out into other things.”

The partnership allows Quirky Research to expand to a wider audience and have more timely content, particularly as it pertains to unusual rules and situations in football, which is covered by Football Zebras.

“The site — and its related YouTube channel — was always been an individual part-time labor of love,” said Snyder. “The upside was that almost anyone reading or watching the site went looking for something specific and is happy to find it, or was on my weird wavelength and chose to subscribe; the downside was that a lot of interesting stuff went unnoticed.”

Football Zebras was listed on the latest Sports Illustrated Social 100 list of 100 sports-related Twitter feeds to watch.

“This is a fantastic partnership for our sites and for our audiences,” says Ben Austro, the founder and editor-in-chief of Football Zebras. “All too often we are asked ‘When was the last time…?’ or ‘Has there ever been…?’ and sometimes we have an answer.”

Now at a new domain and with a brand-new Twitter handleQuirky Research is poised to expand. There will be the ability for cross-posting and sharing information and resources between both sites. Austro said, combining social media efforts will “promote these curiosities and pieces of football ephemera to a wider audience. In return, there is great content and historical perspective from the rules that we can provide for Quirky Research.”

“My worry is that Quirky Research will quickly surpass Football Zebras in popularity,” said Austro. “And that’s not a bad thing to worry about.”

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