Double punt flummoxed rules gurus and statisticians

Seahawks punter Michael Dickson grew up playing Australian rules football in his hometown of Sydney, and he imported some of the kick-heavy game to Seattle on Thursday night. Dickson's third quarter punt was blocked with enough backspin to have it skittering in the open backfield. Because the ball is behind the

Catcher’s interference in the postseason

Jacoby Ellsbury became the first player ever to draw multiple catcher's interference calls in a postseason career.  Ellsbury also holds the regular season career record (31) and the single-season record (12). [Update: Tommy La Stella became the second batter to be involved in multiple postseason catcher interference calls on 10/2/2018.] Dates are

Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland 0: a gamebook

What follows is an NFL-style gamebook for the 222-0 Georgia Tech-Cumberland game that happened 100 years ago this October. Notes: The play-by-play is almost entirely taken from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution game story as seen on this archived page from Cumberland's website. Unknowns and obvious errors from the original play-by-play: The

Reader Mail!: Safety Punts

Where does the kicker have to kick the ball from after a safety? I know it's set up to kick at the 20-yard-line, but can the kicker punt the ball from the back of the end zone and have the ball travel to the 30-yard-line (40 yards total) and