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Reader Mail!

What is a ruling on the Robert Meachem touchdown against Washington? Should that be credited as a defensive touchdown or as a touchdown for the offensive player?

Technically, it’s an opposition fumble recovery and a fumble return touchdown for Meachem and the Saints defense. (Check with your fantasy provider – as I write this, CBS Sportsline has it scored correctly, but Yahoo does not.)

Mike Sherrard of the 49ers had a similar touchdown against the Cardinals in 1992, going 39 yards after ripping the ball from Cardinals LB Eric Hill after Hill had recovered a fumble from 49ers TE Brent Jones.

Sherrard: “I basically was just trying to tackle him. The first thing you know, the ball was in my hands, and I just sort of jerked at it. He didn’t see me; I sneaked up on him a little bit.”

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