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More Fair Catch Kicks

Near the end of regulation of Thursday’s Titans-Steelers game, with the score tied and the Titans backed up by their own end zone, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth brought up the possibility of a fair catch kick. It didn’t happen (there needed to be about 3 more seconds left for a real chance, as the Titans just ran out the clock before getting to 4th down).

Anyway, it’s a good a time as any to update the history of fair catch kicks. The two new ones found, including the most recent known made fair catch kick:

George Abramson, Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Cardinals, November 8, 1925.

Good from 35 in the 4th quarter. The kick gave the Packers a 6-0 lead, but the Cardinals would score on their next two drives to win 9-6.

For some reason, the Packers decided to kick off after the Cardinals scored the tying touchdown. The Cardinals promptly drove the field for the winning field goal.

Ray Wersching, San Diego Chargers vs. Buffalo Bills, November 21, 1976.
Good from 45 at the end of the first half. This kick put the Chargers up 27-10, and so is missing from most brief recaps of the game. This, not Mac Percival’s game-winner in 1968, is the most recent known successful NFL free kick. (Let’s see how long it takes this to update.)

(Sources: PFRA; this book excerpt)

Likely, but still unverified: Cincinnati Bengals, sometime between 1968-1975. Mentioned by John Madden during the Colts-Chargers playoff game last year.

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