Offensive linemen who passed, ran, or received

Offensive linemen almost never get the chance to touch the ball after the snap. Their job is to block for the smaller, faster players behind them, and unlike the players lined up on their outside, they are prohibited from catching a forward pass directly from the quarterback. When a player north

Double Overtimes and the NFL Playoff Overtime Rules

Differences between NFL regular season and postseason overtime rules: Regular Season Postseason Number of periods 1 unlimited Length of periods 10 minutes 15 minutes Timeouts per team 2 3 per 2-period "half" Timing rules 4th quarter 1st quarter for 1st overtime, etc. If the first possession ends in a field goal ... Opponent gets a follow-up possession subject to the time remaining Opponent gets a follow-up possession If

NFL teams that never kicked off

In the 1986 NFC Championship game, the Giants won the coin toss and chose to play the first quarter with the 15-30 mph winds at their backs instead of receiving the opening kickoff.  The Redskins failed to make a first down on their first two drives, neither punt made it

Quirky find: a 1951 palpably unfair act awarded 1 point

A palpably unfair act is loosely defined as an act by a player or team that far exceeds the bounds of sportsmanship, that the referee is empowered to make any equitable ruling necessary. It is a very rarely evoked provision of the rules. Toledo at Dayton, October 13, 1951 Dayton, up 20-0

NFL fair-catch kick attempts

After a fair catch, an NFL team has the right to take a free kick from the line of scrimmage on the next play. If the kick goes through the uprights, the kicking team scores 3 points. It is also known as a "free kick field goal." What special rules apply?

Palpably unfair acts

[Last updated 10/10/2023: North Carolina State touchdown from 1971.] What happens when something obviously unfair yet not specifically covered by the rules happens during a football game? The palpably unfair act rule gives the referee full discretion to decide what should happen when such events occur, up to and including awarding one