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Field goal attempts on consecutive plays

The Steelers and Bears attempted field goals on consecutive plays from scrimmage today.  When was the last time this happened with no kickoff in between?

Field Goal Attempts On Consecutive Plays, 1982-2017

  1. Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys, November 25, 1993: The Dolphins, trailing 14-13, had driven to the Cowboys 24 with 15 seconds left in the game. Pete Stoyanovich’s 41-yard attempt was blocked by Jimmie Jones, but Dallas’s Leon Lett inexplicably tried to recover the ball downfield, and Miami’s Jeff Dellenbach recovered the muff at the Cowboys 1 with 3 seconds left.  Stoyanovich then kicked a 19-yarder for the win.
  2. New York Giants at Denver Broncos, September 10, 2001: The Broncos, at the Giants 47 with 7 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, tried to take advantage of the thin Denver air and had Jason Elam attempt a potential record-breaking 65-yard field goal.  Elam’s kick went wide left, giving the Giants the ball at the Broncos 45 with 1 second left.  Owen Pochman’s potential record-tying 63-yarder was then missed wide right.
  3. Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers, September 29, 2002: The Steelers, with the game tied in overtime, faced 2nd-and-goal at the Browns 6.   Steelers coach Bill Cowher opted for an early-down field goal (longsnapper Dan O’Leary had been signed just five days earlier, making a bad snap more likely). Todd Peterson’s 24-yard attempt was blocked by Alvin McKinley, but Peterson recovered behind the line of scrimmage, entitling the Steelers to continue the series of downs.  On 3rd-and-goal from the 13, Peterson kicked a 31-yarder to win.
  4. Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins, November 5, 2006: The Cowboys, tied at 17, had driven to the Redskins 17 with 6 seconds left in regulation.  Mike Vanderjagt’s 35-yard attempt was blocked by Troy Vincent, and the Redskins’ Sean Taylor recovered the ball and returned it to the Cowboys 44.  On the return, the Cowboys’ Kyle Kosier facemasked Taylor, drawing a 15-yard penalty and entitling the Redskins to one untimed down.  Nick Novak then kicked a 47-yarder to win.
  5. Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos, November 14, 2010: The Broncos, facing 4th-and-3 at the Chiefs 40 with 18 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, had Matt Prater attempt a 58-yarder.  The attempt fell a yard short, and the Chiefs’ Eric Berry returned the miss all the way to the Broncos 22.  With 1 second left in the half, Ryan Succop then made a 40-yarder.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears, September 24, 2017: The Steelers, at the Bears 18 with 6 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, had Chris Boswell attempt a 35-yarder.  The kick was blocked by Sherrick McManis, and the Bears’ Marcus Cooper recovered on the Bears 29 with an open field ahead of him.  Cooper slowed down early to celebrate, Leon Lett-style, and had the ball stripped by the Steelers’ Vance McDonald at the Steelers 1.  The fumble bounced into the end zone, and the Steelers’ Jordan Berry then illegally batted the ball out of the end zone.  The penalty gave the Bears an untimed down at the Steelers 1; after a false start, Connor Barth kicked a 24-yarder.

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