Ejections for the 2023 season

A running list of players ejected in the 2023 season.         Week Game Player Pos Team Reason Time Referee 1. PRE 2 CHI-IND Jalen Harris DL CHI Swinging at an opponent 5:40/4Q George† 2. PRE 3 LAR-DEN Tre Tomlinson DB LAR Tackle by facemask 9:36/1Q Allen 3. 2 WAS-DEN Kareem Jackson S DEN Launching at defenseless receiver 1:47/2Q Rogers 4. 4 LV-LAC Jerry Tillery DT LV Late hit out of bounds 9:00/2Q Hussey 5. 6 BAL-TEN‡ Kyle Hamilton S BAL Hit to head of defenseless receiver 8:37/3Q Vinovich 6. 7 ARI--SEA D.J. Humphries LT ARI Contact with an official 9:32/2Q Novak 7. DEN-GB Kareem Jackson*2 S DEN Forcible contact to head of defenseless receiver 14:10/4Q Kemp 8. 9 WAS-SEA Emmanuel Forbes CB WAS Hit to head of defenseless

Offensive linemen who passed, ran, or received

Offensive linemen almost never get the chance to touch the ball after the snap. Their job is to block for the smaller, faster players behind them, and unlike the players lined up on their outside, they are prohibited from catching a forward pass directly from the quarterback. When a player north

Ejections for the 2022 season

A running list of players ejected in the 2022 season. Week Game Player Pos Team Reason Time Referee 1. 1 PHI-DET Tracy Walker S DET Swinging at opponent, possible official contact 2:45/3Q Allen 2. 2 NO-TB Mike Evans*1 WR TB Fighting 12:55/4Q Hochuli 3. Marshon Lattimore CB NO 4. 4 CAR-ARI Will Hernandez RG ARI Contact with an official 15:00/4Q Hussey 5. 5 PIT-BUF A.J. Epenesa DL BUF Contact with an official 1:07/4Q Hussey 6. 7 CHI-NE Mike Pennel DT CHI Blindside block to head of defenseless player 8:00/4Q Allen 7. 8 GB-BUF Quay Walker LB GB Pushed opposing out-of-uniform player on sideline 4:07/2Q Torbert 8. 10 LAC-SF Dre Greenlaw LB SF Illegal forcible contact to head of opponent 0:38/2Q Smith 9. 11 CIN-PIT George Pickens WR PIT Illegal forcible contact to

How the 2022 Draft order is determined

The NFL Draft order is determined by a combination of regular season records, postseason performance, and the strength of schedule in the 2021 season. The Super Bowl winning Rams are 32; their opponents, the Bengals, are 31. Next, the remaining teams are assigned to 4 groups based on their playoff performance: losers

Longest distances to go for a first down

Every so often, a drive stalls in epic fashion and the offense is saddled with a huge distance to complete a first down. Long distances to go for a first down, prior to 1980 Official play-by-play stat sheets -- currently referred to as "gamebooks" -- have been compiled by the NFL since

Pro coaches who had the shortest seasons

There are many reasons why an NFL head coach might have been replaced before a season ended. Sometimes, franchises were itchy to replace an underperforming coach. The NFL's Record and Fact Book has the most footnote symbols of unusual circumstances in the list of Cardinals coaches. Some were after the coach resigned

Ejections for the 2021 season

A running list of players ejected in the 2021 season.           Week Game Player Pos Team Reason Time Referee 1. 1 CLE-KC Ronnie Harrison SS CLE Fighting 5:08/1Q Vinovich 2. 2 LAR-IND Kenny Young LB LAR Contact with an official 4:36/3Q Smith 3. LV-PIT Trai Turner G PIT Spitting 11:15/4Q Boger 4. 5 NYG-DAL Kadarius Toney WR NYG Throwing a punch 6:24/4Q Hussey 5. 7 CHI-TB Bilal Nichols DT CHI Throwing a punch 2:12/3Q Kemp 6. 9 SEA-KC DK Metcalf WR SEA Fighting 1:23/4Q Allen 7. 11 SF-JAX Rayshawn Jenkins FS JAX Throwing a punch 9:58/2Q Torbert 8. 12 LV-DAL Roderick Teamer S LV Fighting 13:00/3Q Hochuli 9. Kelvin Joseph CB DAL 10. 14 DAL-WAS La'el Collins OT DAL Throwing a punch 10:15/4Q Kemp 11. 15 NE-IND Kyle Dugger SS NE Fighting 5:44/3Q Cheffers 12. Michael Pittman WR IND 13. MIN-CHI Eric Kendricks LB MIN Helmet-to-helmet contact on sliding QB 9:50/4Q Novak http://www.quirkyresearch.com/2020/09/13/ejections-for-the-2020-season/ http://www.quirkyresearch.com/2019/08/19/ejections-for-the-2019-nfl-season/ http://www.quirkyresearch.com/2018/09/17/nfl-ejections-for-the-2018-season/ http://www.quirkyresearch.com/2017/11/05/player-ejections-in-the-2017-season/  

Ejections for the 2020 season

A running list of players ejected in the 2020 season.           Week Game Player Pos Team Reason Time Referee 1. 1 CHI-DET Jamie Collins LB DET Contact with referee demonstrating hit 11:26/1Q Kemp 2. TEN-DEN Rashaan Evans LB TEN Throwing a punch 1:07/1Q Novak 3. 2 HOU-BAL Ross Blacklock DT HOU Throwing a punch 4:51/4Q Corrente 4. SEA-NE Quandre Diggs FS SEA Use of the helmet 0:54/1Q Wrolstad 5. 3 JAX-MIA Cam Robinson LT JAX Contact with official 4:16/3Q Allen 6. 4 HOU-MIN Harrison Smith S MIN Hit on a defenseless receiver 1:13/2Q Rogers 7. 5 HOU-JAX Josh Jones S JAX Hit on a defenseless receiver 13:07/3Q Vinovich 8. 7 WAS-DAL Jonathan Bostic LB WAS Helmet-to-helmet contact on sliding QB 6:32/3Q Torbert 9. LV-TB Gabe Jackson RG LV Fighting 4:18/3Q Novak 10. 8 CAR-ATL Charles Harris DE ATL Hit to head of downed QB 4:26/3Q Hochuli 11. BAL-PIT Matthew

Draft pick forfeitures and penalties

Under the NFL constitution, the Commissioner has the ability to take away or change the order of a team's draft picks if he finds that that team has committed certain acts that violated the constitution or are otherwise detrimental to the league or alter a competitive balance. This power has been