Catcher’s interference in the postseason

Jacoby Ellsbury became the first player ever to draw multiple catcher's interference calls in a postseason career.  Ellsbury also holds the regular season career record (31) and the single-season record (12). Dates are linked to the box score at Baseball Reference. Catcher's interference, postseason Batter Team Date Series Catcher Roger Peckinpaugh WAS Senators 10/15/1925 WS Earl Smith Bud Metheny NYY 10/6/1943 WS Walker Cooper Ken Boyer STL 10/12/1964 WS Elston Howard Pete Rose CIN 10/10/1970 WS Elrod Hendricks Richie

Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland 0: a gamebook

What follows is an NFL-style gamebook for the 222-0 Georgia Tech-Cumberland game that happened 100 years ago this October. Notes: The play-by-play is almost entirely taken from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution game story as seen on this archived page from Cumberland's website. Unknowns and obvious errors from the original play-by-play: The play-by-play

Reader Mail!: Safety Punts

Where does the kicker have to kick the ball from after a safety? I know it's set up to kick at the 20-yard-line, but can the kicker punt the ball from the back of the end zone and have the ball travel to the 30-yard-line (40 yards total) and