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Simple NFC Tiebreaker Chart

Notes and assumptions:

  1. No possibility of ties. PHI is ignored in these tiebreakers for that reason.
  2. However, if PHI does tie again, their two ties on the season would equal one win and one loss. An 8-6-2 record is equivalent to 9-7.
  3. Tiebreakers that don’t affect playoff berths or seeding are ignored.
  4. Divisional ties are broken first. To break a tie between DAL, TB, and ATL, first break the tie between TB and ATL.
  5. The NFC #6 seed will have at least a 9-6-1 record.
  6. Locked berths: NYG #1, ARI #4.
  7. Also clinched berths: CAR, ATL
  8. Key games next week: DAL at PHI, NYG at MIN, CHI at HOU, CAR at NO, STL at ATL, OAK at TB.
  9. The complete tiebreaker rules are here.

NFC Tiebreakers after Week 16:

Teams tied Record Who wins? Why?
MIN-CHI 10-6 MIN Conference record (8-4 vs. 7-5)
MIN-CHI 9-7 MIN Common games
CAR-ATL 11-5 ATL Conference record (8-4 vs. 7-5)
TB-ATL 10-6 ATL Common games
NYG-CAR 12-4 NYG Head-to-head
DAL-CHI 10-6 DAL Conference record (8-4 vs. 7-5)
DAL-TB any DAL Head-to-head
DAL-ATL 10-6 DAL Conference record (8-4 vs. 7-5)
MIN-TB 9-6-1 TB Head-to-head
MIN-ARI 9-7 MIN Head-to-head
CHI-TB any TB Head-to-head
CHI-ATL 10-6 ATL Head-to-head
DAL-CHI-TB 10-6 DAL CHI eliminated on conference record (8-4 vs. 8-4 vs. 7-5);


DAL-CHI-ATL 10-6 DAL Conference record (8-4 vs. 7-5 vs. 7-5)

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