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QBs Leading Team In Rushing Yards

Jake Locker led the Titans in rushing this week. Do we know the last time a quarterback led his team in rushing each of the first three weeks of the year, or just three weeks in a row?

Locker is the first quarterback to lead his team in rushing in each of the first 3 weeks of the season since the merger.  Rob Johnson (2000 Bills), Cade McNown (2000 Bears), Michael Vick (2002 Falcons), and Donovan McNabb (2003 Eagles) did it for the first two weeks.

Other QBs to lead their team in rushing yards at least 3 games in a row:

5 weeks:
Randall Cunningham, 1990 Eagles (Weeks 4, 6-9)

4 weeks:
Randall Cunningham, 1986 Eagles (Weeks 10-13)
Michael Vick, 2001-02 Falcons (2001 Weeks 16-17 + 2002 Weeks 1-2)
Michael Vick, 2006 Falcons (Weeks 9-12)

3 weeks:
Greg Landry, 1972-73 Lions (1972 Weeks 13-14 + 1973 Week 1)
Randall Cunningham, 1988 Eagles (Weeks 10-12)
Kerry Collins (!), 1998 Saints (Weeks 11-13) (first 3 games with the Saints)
Michael Vick, 2004 Eagles (Weeks 11-13)

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