Pro coaches who had the shortest seasons

There are many reasons why an NFL head coach might have been replaced before a season ended. Sometimes, franchises were itchy to replace an underperforming coach. The NFL's Record and Fact

Ejections for the 2021 season

A running list of players ejected in the 2021 season.   Week Game Player Pos Team Reason Time Referee 1. 1 CLE-KC Ronnie Harrison SS CLE Fighting 5:08/1Q Vinovich 2. 2 LAR-IND Kenny Young LB LAR Contact with an official 4:36/3Q Smith 3. LV-PIT Trai Turner G PIT Spitting 11:15/4Q Boger 4. 5 NYG-DAL Kadarius Toney WR NYG Throwing a punch 6:24/4Q Hussey 5. 7 CHI-TB Bilal Nichols DT CHI Throwing a punch 2:12/3Q Kemp 6. 9 SEA-KC DK Metcalf WR SEA Fighting 1:23/4Q Allen 7. 11 SF-JAX Rayshawn Jenkins FS JAX Throwing a punch 9:58/2Q Torbert 8. 12 LV-DAL Roderick Teamer S LV Fighting 13:00/3Q Hochuli 9. Kelvin Joseph CB DAL Fighting  

Several players change their jersey numbers after new rule passes

The NFL started to mandate position-specific jersey numbers in 1952, although it gave exceptions to "nationally known" players at the time of the new rule. As the era of free

The quest to be the Super Bowl home team

Throughout modern NFL history, teams scheduled to host the Super Bowl have fantasized about playing for the title in their home stadium. To this day, that has remained a fantasy. In

How the 2021 Draft order is determined

The NFL Draft order is determined by a combination of regular season records, postseason performance, and the strength of schedule in the 2020 season. The Super Bowl winner is 32, the

2020 AFC tiebreakers after Week 16

The following charts seek to answer the following question: If these two (or more) teams finish with the same record, who wins the tiebreaker? Notes and assumptions: No possibility of future