Mother’s Day all-time NFL team

It is not a team that is the most talented, but one that only a mother can love. We pay tribute to mom with this appropriately selected team. Just put

How the 2018 NFL Draft order is determined

The NFL Draft order is determined by a combination of regular season records, postseason performance, and the strength of schedule in the 2017 season. The Super Bowl winner is 32, the

The all-pro tax day football team

It has been said that few things are inevitable, like death and taxes. It is also inevitable that Quirky Research will use any day on the calendar to draft a

Required extra-point attempts in walk-off situations

When Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs scored a walkoff touchdown to win the divisional playoff against the Saints, it was a truly historic moment in the NFL. Once the touchdown was

All-time NFL Valentine’s Day game lineups

Quirky Research has scoured the annals of NFL history to assemble the top players for a Valentine's Day head-to-head. Today's referee is John Hussey. 💕 Virginia Lovers starting lineup Head coach: Lovie Smith Offense Defense QB Jim

NFC tiebreakers entering Week 17

The following charts seek to answer the following question: If these two (or more) teams finish with the same record, who wins the tiebreaker? Notes and assumptions: No possibility of future


All in the videos: Suge Knight, defensive lineman

Embed from Getty Images Before becoming rap mogul Suge Knight, he was defensive lineman Marion Knight. Undrafted out of UNLV, Knight was at the Los Angeles Rams training camp during the