Field goal attempts on consecutive plays

The Steelers and Bears attempted field goals on consecutive plays from scrimmage today.  When was the last time this happened with no kickoff in between? Field Goal Attempts On Consecutive Plays,

Veterans who crossed the picket line, 1987 NFL strike

Football players, with the shortest career expectancy of any professional athletes, are reluctant to strike because they have more to lose and less time to make it up. They also

Every safety … ever

The bookkeeping for most scoring plays is clear, simple, and consistent: the type of play, the scoring player, the passer (if applicable), and the yardage. Safeties are an exception; at

When overtime wasn’t sudden death

The evolution of the overtime rule in the NFL is as follows: 1941 — Sudden-death rule was added for divisional playoff games (at the time, these were one-game playoffs to

Replay successes are inching back up toward 50%

Embed from Getty Images 2016 final replay statistics For the second year in a row, the replay reversal rate among head coaches has climbed following a steep drop coinciding with the introduction

A season in 11 transactions

The circuitous travels of running back Alvin Maxson in 1978.


All in the videos: Suge Knight, defensive lineman

Embed from Getty Images Before becoming rap mogul Suge Knight, he was defensive lineman Marion Knight. Undrafted out of UNLV, Knight was at the Los Angeles Rams training camp during the